Dental implant

Traditionally, the loss of teeth was considered a normal part of aging. Patients had to live with the psychological and physical consequences related to the loss of one, several, or even all of their teeth. This is now an outdated belief.

Rapid and spectacular advancements in dentistry have resulted in techniques and materials that enable us to join titanium synthetic structures to jaw bones to fulfill the functions of natural teeth.

Did you know that:
  • More than one in three adults, 35 years of age or older, need to replace missing teeth.
  • Of the several millions of North Americans who have lost all of their teeth, half are incapable of chewing even the softest foods. Dental Implants can give these people total or partial function of their teeth in addition to improving their appearance.
  • As the bone and the gums recede at approximately 1 cm per decade following tooth extraction, one understands that wearing conventional prostheses (dentures) becomes more and more ineffective and even painful as the years go by.
  • Thanks to implants, the average toothless patient regains up to 85% of their lost chewing strength. Comfort, stability, and muscular tone are all greatly increased and contribute to an improved appearance.

Implants are titanium roots that replace missing teeth’s function and appearance. They preserve your jaw bone, prevent gum shrinkage, and unnecessary cutting of healthy adjacent teeth for bridges.

Dental implants have enabled many people to rediscover the pleasure of tasting food, smiling, speaking, singing, social activities, and practicing certain sports; even sleeping with confidence, without having to worry about their loose denture prostheses. The perfect stability of the prostheses, enables one to rediscover the wonderful taste of delicious food and drinks at the same time in total comfort.

Why us?

Drs Chu and Lam have advanced training in both implant placement and implant restorations. They trained at the  world-renowned Misch International Implant Institute (website: and Pacific Implant Institute. Dr. Lam is among the small number of dentists in the Lower Mainland who has a Fellowship in Implantology from the International Congress of Implantology and can both place and restore implants. You, as a patient, will not have to go see an oral surgeon or a periodontist to have the implants placed, and then have another dentist restore them.

What’s the hurry?

Once teeth are lost, the jaw bone and gum will shrink! As a consequence, your remaining teeth will shift and cause possible joint and gum problems, and compromise chewing ability. Once lost,  you may have to go through costly additional procedures to replace the lost bone and gum prior to getting implants.

Do they hurt?

You may have some minor discomfort for the first 3 days.  Dr. Lam and Dr. Chu take pride in being able to place implants with the utmost care. As a result, after-surgery discomfort is greatly reduced.

Do they cost a lot?

What is the price of a healthy, functional and esthetic mouth worth? Implants are not inexpensive but prices have come down. If you need help with the cost, we can help you obtain financing so that you can get the treatment that you want and deserve.


Dental Implant Examples


dental implant incisorDental Implant replacing an incisor, front tooth.




fixed bridgeReplacement of some missing front teeth by a combination of Implants and Fixed bridge.




back teethReplacement of all back teeth with Implants supported by a fixed prosthesis.




removal dentureRemovable denture supported by 4 Implants.

The support for the chewing functions provided by four implants is 80%. The comfort and quality of chewing are greatly improved compared to a conventional denture.



denturesRemovable denture supported by 4 Implants.

The support for the chewing functions provided by four implants is 80%. The comfort and quality of chewing are greatly improved compared to a conventional denture.



implants topImplants supported complete fixed prosthesis replacing all missing upper teeth.

Advantage: Roof of the mouth, palate, is free of any obstruction; therefore, improvements in speech and taste.



removalable uppersRemovable complete denture of the upper teeth held up by Dental Implants.

Here Implants integrated to the bone hold up the bar that supports the denture. The Implants support 100% of the chewing forces and the roof of the mouth, palate, is free. The denture can be taken out for easy home hygiene maintenance.



Dental Implants Vs Conventional Tooth Replacement Therapy


Implants offer an aesthetic and long-term solution to missing teeth.

Traditional dentures may be uncomfortable and difficult to secure in place.

CROWN & BRIDGE Crown and bridge restorations involve modifying healthy adjacent teeth.

Treatment Complete In As Little As 2 To 3 Months?

If you meet certain criteria, implant restorations may be completed in as little as 2 to 3 months.



Natural-Looking Smile?

Implant restorations look and feel like natural teeth.

Metal clasps are often necessary to fasten the denture into the mouth.

However, in time, gum recession may expose tooth roots, diminishing the aesthetic results.

Long-Lasting Solution?

Implants can last a lifetime.

Occasional adjustments to the fit of the denture may be necessary.

The longevity of crown and bridge restorations can vary, with some cases requiring rework in as little as 7-10 years.

Prevents Bone Loss?

Implants help maintain bone volume.

Bone loss may occur due to the force of the dentures resting on the gum.

Bone can continue to be lost in areas where teeth are missing.

Improves Chewing Ability?

Implant restorations can restore and significantly improve chewing ability.

However, denture movement may occur during use.

Although it may not be permanent, it does improve chewing ability.

Damages Adjacent Teeth?

Implant restorations normally do not require modification of healthy surrounding teeth.

Surrounding healthy teeth may require a crown or modification to help anchor the denture.

Healthy teeth are modified so the bridge can be cemented to them.

Implants Before & After

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