Dental insurance is a highly complex area that creates confusion for many patients.

Dental insurance is a contract between your employer and a dental insurance company. The benefits that you will receive are based on the terms of the contract that were arranged between your employer and the insurance company and not your dental office. The goal of most policies is to provide only basic care for specific dental services.
The lack of sufficient information provided by some insurance companies makes it almost impossible for some patients to properly understand their benefits. Even more confusing is trying to understand how to properly work with your dental insurance company to achieve the highest level of benefits to which you are entitled.Should you have dental insurance, please be aware of what your policy covers. Every policy is different and some may have limitations or waiting periods for certain dental treatments. Unfortunately, dental insurance is not a “pay all” and the maximums have not always increased with the cost of living.

We suggest you think of your dental insurance as dental assistance.  Not to be confused with our dental assistants, who are helpful, smiling, and warm people!