Dr. Eric Chu graduated from the University of British Columbia’s School of Dentistry in 1998 and has been practicing for 22 years in the Lower Mainland. He is committed to providing quality conservative cosmetic and comprehensive dental care in a relaxing environment.

Dr. Chu  has been mentored by various world renowned dental specialists, including Dr. William Liang (Implantologist), Dr. Ron Zokol (Implantologist), Dr. Derek Mahoney (Orthodontist), and Dr. Mark Calona (Laser dentist) and has developed outstanding clinical skills over the years.  His passion and special interests extend to children’s dentistry, laser, sedation ,cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics, root canal therapy and wisdom teeth extractions. Adults and children have commented that his gentle soft spoken nature have made them fall sleep during dental procedures.

Dr. Chu loves photography and enjoys running. He has participated in the BMO 1/2 marathons and is trying to improve his personal best.

Dr. Chu has an Associate Fellowship with the World Clinical Laser Institute. He also has taken additional training in braces, TMD, and pain and anxiety control using oral sedation. He is a Certified Invisalign Provider.

Dr Chu is currently pursuing his Associate Fellow status with the American Association of Implant Dentistry and his Diplomate status with the International Association of Orthodontics.

Professional Development:

  • AAID MaxiCourse Continuum 2015-present
  • AAID MaxiCourse Implant Program- renown dentist, Dr. William Liang   2014-2015
  • Advanced Implant Prosthodontics Level 2 from the Pacific Implant Institute- Dr. Ron Zokol, Vancouver, BC, Dec 2006
  • F.O.C.U.S Vancouver study club in TMD and Occlusion- renown dentist, Dr. Michael Racich, Vancouver, B.C., 2012- present
  • Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation- Dr. D. Donaldson, Dr. M Donaldson, Dr. F. Quarnstrom, Vancouver, BC, April 2008
  • Aesthetic Orthodontic Study Club, Dr. Richmond Cheng 2005-present
  • Invisalign-Align Technology, Inc. 2007-present
  • Millennium Orthodontic- Given by renown orthodontist Dr. Derek Mahoney, Feb. 2005
  • Endodontic Learning Centre- Dr. Hugh Maguire, Endodontist 1999-2002
  • The Occlusion and Esthetics Study Club- renown Prosthodontist, Dr. John Nasedkin, Vancouver, B.C., 2006-2008
  • V.O.I.S.S. IV implant study club- renown dentist, Dr. Don Anderson, Vancouver, B.C., 2013- 2014
  • Implant Connections study club- renown dentist, Dr. Bill Liang, Whiterock, B.C., 2008-2014


Dental Organization Memberships: