Several factors influence the durability, performance, longevity, and cost of dental restorations.

These factors include: the patient’s oral and general health, the components used in the filling material; where and how the filling is placed; the amount of chewing that the tooth will have to bear; and the length and number of visits needed to prepare and adjust the restored tooth. 

Composite Tooth-Coloured Restoration Fillings

Composite Filling Material




  • We use the latest high quality technology & proven tooth colored materials, to replace failing hazardous metal tooth fillings.
  • Composites resins (white fillings) are a mixture of glass or quartz fillers in a resin medium. They are durable and fracture resistant  when used in small-to-mid size restorations. For a white filling, less tooth structure is removed during decay removal. The bonding or glueing of the composites also helps to strengthen the tooth.
  • For larger sized fillings onlays or crowns will be a better option.