June 1 2020

Patient Protection and Protocols

To our valued Patients,

The health and safety of everyone in our office community is our first priority. 

Our staff is also highly trained in infection control and the management of the office environment since we started addressing the potential of airborne pathogens back in 2014, after the SARs outbreak. We have recently increased our efforts to address the Covie-19 pandemic and its effects on our patients. 

Recent Changes as a result of Covid-19 to protect you and keep you safe

1. Pre-screening before appointments:

You will be pre-screened 24-72 hours prior to your appointment via phone, text, or email, and asked a set of health related questions. It is required that we complete this questionnaire prior to your appointment. You’ll be asked those same questions again when you arrive at the office. In the event you are suspected to or have Covid-19 and you have a dental emergency, we will provide virtual care and refer to an appropriate facility as needed. 

2. Changes to the Reception Area:

– Seating is spaced 6 feet apart to help keep your social distance. 

– Office access is only for the person with a scheduled appointment. Once inside the office only ONE patient is allowed in the operatory at a time (unless otherwise specified by the Doctor). If a family member/driver accompanies you, please have him/her wait outside the office. Leave all non- essential items in your car or we will provide you with a box to safely contain your belongings. 

– Plexi-glass barriers have been placed in the front desk for mutual protection. 

3. On the day of your appointment:

– We will also request that you perform good oral hygiene, use your washroom at home before attending your appointment. 

– Please also bring your own sunglasses/glasses for eye protection. 

– Upon arrival, please CALL the office and wait in your vehicle. DO NOT Text. You will be notified when we are able to receive you into the office. 

Please enter the office only when advised to do so. 

– We will spray your hands and shoes with sanitizer. 

– In respect for the safety of our office and other patients, everyone entering the office must wear a mask/face covering. If you are unable to provide a mask, they are available for $2.00 at the front desk. 

– A patient temperature record will be taken for every patient before entering the office. If within normal range, entry will be permitted. 

– Please refrain from using our washroom, as it is not available due to Covid-19. 

4. Once inside the office:

– Only ONE patient is allowed in the operatory at a time (unless otherwise specified by the Doctor). Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment and please leave all non-essential items in your car or at home. 

You will be given a mouth rinse of 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide.

5. Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures:

– Introduction of humidifiers that provide a constant level of air disinfection for the office environment. 

– Addition of HEPA air filtration unit to address the potential of airborne pathogens

– To reduce or eliminate airborne aerosols during all dental procedures, source evacuation units will further enhance removal of aerosols during certain procedures.

– Operatories are left for a minimum of 15min between patients and are fogged down the room with 200 ppm HOCL.

– Our treatment team will sport a host of personal protection equipment like visors, gowns and P100 respirator masks for mutual protection. Gowns will be changed for every patient .

Thank you for your patience and support as we develop a new model of dental care delivery. We believe it will allow us to provide an even more personalized service for you and your family. 


Dr. Eric Chu, Dr. Kitty Lam, Dr. Sat Singh, and the Team at Smiles @ Fleetwood