Over the years technological advances have become a mainstream part of the dental industry.

Benefits that a patient can experience with these advancement while receiving dental treatment include: more efficient treatments with substantial improvements to patient comfort and improved healing time.

We feel that utilizing the latest tested technology in our regular practice makes a significant difference in the delivery of treatments offered.

Technological advancements used in our office include:

Comfort Syringe:

The comfort syringe is a controlled injection system which delivers anaesthetic/freezing into the tissues and teeth in stages.  A virtually painless procedure most beneficial for those with freezing-related anxiety.

Digital X-rays:

Digital technology allows us to quickly and comfortably take x-rays of your teeth and instantly display them on a computer screen to allow our patients to see what we see.  Digital x-rays only require one third of the radiation compared to that of the traditional non–digital x-rays used in many other offices.

Intra-Oral Camera:

The intra-oral camera allows us to show you a close up of areas in your mouth that otherwise would be impossible for you to view.  These images can show such things as fractures, decay, recession….etc,   They also allow us to capture what may not be evident on a digital x-ray.  These photos are invaluable for patient education and for insurance predeterminations should  x-rays not reveal an existing condition.

Laser Dentistry:

Laser offers our patients an alternative in the delivery of standard dental procedures (ie. fillings and gum surgeries.)  Laser dentistry is painless ( can be done without anaesthetic) and is widely used for periodontal surgery where faster healing is possible. Laser can also permanently remove cold sores.  There are many  other applications for Laser Dentistry.   Please contact us to see if Laser dentistry is an option for you.

Dental Microscope:

Microscope dentistry allows difficult root canals and microscopic surgeries to be performed at the highest degree of accuracy possible. Our microscope magnifies 10x.

Zoom Whitening:

Zoom Whitening is a professional whitening procedure that can achieve the whitest and brightest smile possible in just one visit.  This system was featured on America’s Extreme Makeover and is an  in-office system which provides phenomenal results in the shortest time possible, sometimes in as little as just over an hour.