It is important to us that our patients understand the precautions we take to provide dental treatment in a sterile and safe environment.  These measures are taken to ensure that our patients and staff are protected against the spread of germs.

Your trust and confidence in our dental team and their efforts to protect you is very important to us.

We follow all sterilization protocol with the utmost diligence.

Gloves and masks are always worn .

Extra precautions are taken regarding any patient with a latex allergy.

Each operatory is sterilized using a recognized professional strength surface disinfectant that can kill the tuberculosis virus within 1 minute.

Our instruments are scrubbed, cleaned in an ultrasonic solution and then sterilized using a statim sterilizer or wrapped up and sterilized in a pressurized steam autoclave.  These instruments then remain wrapped until their next use thereby preventing airborne pathogens from coming into contact with them during storage.

After each use every handpiece is oiled with an Assistina unit and then sterilized.

Our sterilization equipment is tested weekly to assure  the equipment is functioning properly and that all requirements are met.

We use single use disposable polishing cups during dental cleanings, distilled water while we provide dental treatment and disinfect our waterlines.