We use the latest in laser technology — not scalpels! — to painlessly reshape your gum line. Gum reshaping gives your mouth a ‘gum lift’, leaving you with a natural and beautiful looking smile 

Your gum tissue provides form and shape to the top of your tooth. Your smile is compromised when the gums around and in between your teeth becomes weak and you begin to lose gum tissue. This can be a result of poor hygiene (gum disease).

To create a great smile may involve cosmetic gum surgery in addition to composite resin bonding, crowns, and veneers. Gum surgery is used to correct a ‘gummy smile’ (where a significant portion of your gum is exposed when you smile). It is used to lengthen your teeth to make your teeth appear longer; thus, much less gum is seen when you smile.


As your gums recede, your teeth appear longer than normal. While “long teeth” may result in an unattractive smile, you should also be concerned with root sensitivity, root decay, and possible tooth loss.

There are new advances in techniques and materials which provide more comfortable, predictability, and esthetics solutions in to this problem. A dentist or periodontist can now perform a procedure called guided tissue regeneration using acellular dermis and graft it onto your gum line. This tissue then reinforces thin gums or fills in areas where your gums have been pushed away. Ask Drs. Chu and Lam about guided tissue regeneration using Periderm to cover multiple recession sites painlessly!